Solo Exhibitoin “what opens—like a blaze of fire” by Charles Matson Lume
The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery, St. Paul, MN

Collaborated with Charles Matson Lume (artist), Joyce Sutphen (poet), Galilee Peaches (artist)

Art Direction, Artbook, Artist Book, Publication

There're three parts of the book to create the feel of small silky smoke coming out from the thick heavy ashes under burning. The middle part of the book is trying to communicate the words and feeling from poetry and the artist's images floating around together in between the spaces. 
You can sense it when you flip the pages and move your eyes page by page. The work can be seen as a collective dialogue between artist, designer, and poet in the form of a book and can be carried around during or after the exhibition as its being and continue to transcend the concept of the artist initially. 
There'll be 250 copies of books for free to collect during the exhibition and people can carry them around as they walk through the work during the event. Or they can bring it home with them to refresh or recreate the afterimage being made after reviewing the exhibition. The impact of visual reading will continue once they leave the site. It is also a gesture of love and care between family and the art community.

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