Wen-Li Chen is a bilingual independent visual communication designer from Taiwan, currently in St. Paul, Minnesota.

She has been working as an independent visual communication designer and photographer since 2009 with a smattering of different collaborations between photographers, artists, designers, musicians, and poets.

In her early career, she focused on serving creative individuals and small businesses to develop their design projects uniquely based on each different need with research and analysis until now.

The clients she has served include — Title CollectiveJennifer Nevitt, Charles Manson Lume, En-Man Chang, Jin-Da Lin, Darren Tesar, Fiona Burke, Mazia Rossi, Joo Choon Lin, Peter Schoeffer, e: ch (Eric Chan), Forget the G, Moxie Design, xXtralab Design, XMS Gallery, Art Store, David Dale Gallery, Day’s Eye Music, Tour Music, Black Market Music, Corner Book & Magazine Publisher Co, Begonia Vision Film Production, Tamkang University Russian Dept., Chungyu Institute of Technology, National Central University, Beitou Spring Museum, National Museum of Taiwan History, Taipei Council for Cultural Affairs, Jaysen Creative Marketing Co., LEZS online Magazine, PSL Clothing, Red Inn Entertainment, Simply Cafe, etc. from UK, USA, Taiwan, and HK.

She mainly focuses on art direction, digital design, and print design. Her guiding principle is as simple as it is selective:

• Assistant in developing and realizing all design aspects for creative individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

• Build an ever-growing international network of collaborators in the fields of design to meet clients’ wide-ranging special needs with an understanding of unique culture and custom.

Editorial & Print Design

She can help unify visual systems, including typeface, color, title, logo, icon, and other visual elements that reflect the value of branding. In addition, she makes exciting and creative print and book or catalog designs for artists, galleries, and creative individuals who would like to challenge the norm.

Digital Design

Online advertising and platform creation are necessary to gain exposure and maintain contact with your customers before entering the door. Wen-Li will help you to re-organize and design your professional online presence with consistency and unity along with your branding, including but not limited to website design, blog design, E-newsletter design, and more.

Art and Cultural Event Collateral Design

For artists or art space/groups/galleries, Wen-Li is to design what you need for promoting your event or exhibition and provide you helpful tips and information that keep your budget without compromising visual quality and outcome. She can design but is not limited to the brochure, catalog, flyer, poster, postcard, E-Newsletter, splash webpage, internal exhibition gallery space super-graphic, vinyl text, or graphic on the wall, any promotional material design on unique materials or surface, etc.
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